Feb 21, 2013

"You can learn many things from children. How much patience you have, for instance." ~Franklin P. Jones

learning from children....  the fun stuff that matters to them:

  • ellie doesn't forget, she always find the same puppet at the library, even thought we hadn't been to this branch in well over a month
  • penny still wants the same 4 books from the library - every time. she knows right where they are and on what shelf. I'll mail you cookies if you know what they are!!!!

  • holes and piles of dirt and/or sand around the yard are okay

  • marker comes off most things. serious work going on here folks

  • these dresses are quite the hit, and somehow have stayed stain-free, we're wearing 'em and having fun doing so. 
  • painted fingernails are a big deal around here. the instant dry stuff is great for toddler girls! and not so patient adults too (plus it comes in great colors!)

  • dress up. it really is amazing that we can leave the house wearing normal clothes. and what fun to get hand-me-down gowns! it's quite the pile.
  • when you wash dress up dresses with sheer layers, the hems fall out. like - the serged edge comes away any and makes huge messes and creates tripping hazards. cut and glue? I've hemmed (as in run them through the serger, not a double turned hem) them a number of times and they're getting shorter. 

  • honey nut cheerios are 'my best and my favorite' say the girls, small joys in special breakfast treats :)


KBN said...

Too sweet. I love this blog post!!! :)

Anonymous said...

Cute city!!