Nov 7, 2012

"A grownup is a child with layers on." ~Woody Harrelson

  • its been awhile
  • normal computer finally plugged in.... we spent 4+ months with it in limbo. good to have it back
  • wearing moccasins and loving it
  • cleaned out loom room
  • WIP pile:      (Work in Progress)
    • sewing another muslin of AMH painters blouse pattern
    • hem the butterfly dress for Penny
    • block and frame needlepoint 
    • sanding a screen door
    • sorting through fabrics
    • photo organizing    ugh 
    • backyard cleanup
    • cut down peg loom for girls
    • rearranging books
    • etc, etc, etc
  • DONE:
    • nephew's backpack, dear goodness why did i not just finish it a year ago when i started it? 
    • making wide leg jeans into skinny ones - it worked, and no cussing was involved, one nap time
    • painted the picnic table - two lovely days outside working as things dried and whatnot, if you know me - the color is no surprise
    • finishing and labeling collapse weave sampler - 1 hour hand work
    • sorting/swapping out/storing girl's clothes - 1.5 hours
    • etc, etc, etc
  • timing things is helpful to me, trying to do it more. 
  • was added to a "circle" on etsy which prompted me to look at my favorites saved. its basically swedish clogs, dala horses, awesome mugs, and red things that make me smile (see it here)
  • looking forward to commenting on blogs again
  • finally into the book club selection after renewing it 3 times! reading 100 Years of Solitude 
  • sewing night won over book club... 
  • raking lots of leaves
  • still soooo glad that jd now drinks coffee! (but im afraid he's turning into a snob about it...)
  • speaking of coffee, my cup is now empty, the girls just walked out of their room from good naps, and we're all ready for a nice nibble of something 


Polly Rowan said...

Love that quote! It's true, I don't feel like an adult! Just a child with layers on x

rachel said...

love this!