Feb 21, 2013

"You can learn many things from children. How much patience you have, for instance." ~Franklin P. Jones

learning from children....  the fun stuff that matters to them:

  • ellie doesn't forget, she always find the same puppet at the library, even thought we hadn't been to this branch in well over a month
  • penny still wants the same 4 books from the library - every time. she knows right where they are and on what shelf. I'll mail you cookies if you know what they are!!!!

  • holes and piles of dirt and/or sand around the yard are okay

  • marker comes off most things. serious work going on here folks

  • these dresses are quite the hit, and somehow have stayed stain-free, we're wearing 'em and having fun doing so. 
  • painted fingernails are a big deal around here. the instant dry stuff is great for toddler girls! and not so patient adults too (plus it comes in great colors!)

  • dress up. it really is amazing that we can leave the house wearing normal clothes. and what fun to get hand-me-down gowns! it's quite the pile.
  • when you wash dress up dresses with sheer layers, the hems fall out. like - the serged edge comes away any and makes huge messes and creates tripping hazards. cut and glue? I've hemmed (as in run them through the serger, not a double turned hem) them a number of times and they're getting shorter. 

  • honey nut cheerios are 'my best and my favorite' say the girls, small joys in special breakfast treats :)

Feb 1, 2013

"Motivation is what gets you started. Habit is what keeps you going." ~Jim Ryun

motivating and refreshing, to me, currently:

  • new shoots of green grass
  • a clear and clean dining room table
  • open windows
  • unclogged toilets!
  • shredding the 'to shred' pile of papers
  • keeping up with laundry - a load a day friends, works wonders. i know, i know, there are 'do it all in one day' laundry fans out there - but really - too much pressure for me in one day - plus, that then rules the day, keeping up with the washer... (and what happens if it doesn't get done? now you're 'behind?', does it carry over into the next day or does it wait until next week?) also if you can wait to do all your laundry once a week - you have may have MORE clothes than we do, or you (and others in your household) are very neat and clean and don't play in mud, dirt, sand, paint, glue, etc.... just saying    enough on laundry, sorry about that
  • SUNSHINE!!! 
  • music
  • putting things in the mail that have been waiting to be mailed
  • meal planning
  • being outside
  • less stuff on the kitchen counter
  • fabric, fabric is highly motivating, and lovely, and beautiful, and wonderful, and colorful, and so on
  • not being sick after being sick
  • great coffee
  • friends near and far
  • singing out loud  
  • girls dancing in very silly dress up
  • clearing off work areas
  • having people over
  • nap time (haha, speaking of someone who's supposed to be napping: ellie JUST walked out to show me her baby - covered in stickers "look mom, I decorated my baby" she says in a whisper... )

Nov 7, 2012

"A grownup is a child with layers on." ~Woody Harrelson

  • its been awhile
  • normal computer finally plugged in.... we spent 4+ months with it in limbo. good to have it back
  • wearing moccasins and loving it
  • cleaned out loom room
  • WIP pile:      (Work in Progress)
    • sewing another muslin of AMH painters blouse pattern
    • hem the butterfly dress for Penny
    • block and frame needlepoint 
    • sanding a screen door
    • sorting through fabrics
    • photo organizing    ugh 
    • backyard cleanup
    • cut down peg loom for girls
    • rearranging books
    • etc, etc, etc
  • DONE:
    • nephew's backpack, dear goodness why did i not just finish it a year ago when i started it? 
    • making wide leg jeans into skinny ones - it worked, and no cussing was involved, one nap time
    • painted the picnic table - two lovely days outside working as things dried and whatnot, if you know me - the color is no surprise
    • finishing and labeling collapse weave sampler - 1 hour hand work
    • sorting/swapping out/storing girl's clothes - 1.5 hours
    • etc, etc, etc
  • timing things is helpful to me, trying to do it more. 
  • was added to a "circle" on etsy which prompted me to look at my favorites saved. its basically swedish clogs, dala horses, awesome mugs, and red things that make me smile (see it here)
  • looking forward to commenting on blogs again
  • finally into the book club selection after renewing it 3 times! reading 100 Years of Solitude 
  • sewing night won over book club... 
  • raking lots of leaves
  • still soooo glad that jd now drinks coffee! (but im afraid he's turning into a snob about it...)
  • speaking of coffee, my cup is now empty, the girls just walked out of their room from good naps, and we're all ready for a nice nibble of something